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Patient Safety Culture Debrief

The Patient Safety Group has partnered with Synensis, formerly Healthcare Team Training (HTT) to provide our Survey clients with the Patient Safety Culture Debrief.

A Patient Safety Culture Debrief provides your team with a holistic view of the safety culture of your organization. Synensis’s team of experienced culture change catalysts will draw on evidence and experience to thoroughly analyze your Patient Safety Group Survey on Patient Safety Culture report and connect the findings to other indicators within your organization including patient satisfaction and staff engagement.

After your Patient Safety Culture Debrief, you will thoroughly understand and share your personalized data results with leadership and guide your organization to culture improvement!

Your Patient Safety Culture Debrief includes:

   •  An in-depth analysis and interpretation of your results

   •  Connections between culture results and other organizational metrics and goals

   •  Support for prioritizing what components of culture to target for improvement

   •  Coaching on constructing an action plan for culture improvement

   •  Leadership engagement slide deck for sharing results

At Synensis, we believe that by creating healthier organizations, we can help save lives. High-functioning, knowledgeable individuals are at the heart of a Healthy Organization, and that’s where we start. We provide leaders and teams the evidence-based knowledge, skills, tools and systems to reduce preventable patient harm while improving quality, patient satisfaction and staff engagement in a sustainable, efficient way.

Learn more at www.synensishealth.com