Diagnose Your Culture

We transformed the safety culture survey into an engaging, time saving, and effective way to collaborate. PSG offers the best of both worlds—AHRQ validated questions and custom questions for your organization’s needs. The surveys are quick, simple to use, and mobile friendly.

Making The Grade

We analyze the results to create customizable reports for each of your internal stakeholders. The report compares your results to national benchmarks and tracks your progress over time. We highlight your key strengths and areas for improvement and recommend opportunities for action.

Recommendations From Within

The best recommendations for action often come from feedback your colleagues take the time to write down. PSG uses natural language processing to help you learn from free text comments. This analysis allows you to incorporate your organization's best ideas into an action plan, creating a collaborative feedback loop. This process itself improves your safety culture. With PSG, everyday health care heroes know their input matters and that they are part of the solution.

We are innovators in health and patient safety culture.

We are uniquely positioned to serve you. PSG is founded on a smart, compassionate and practical approach from the perspective of both caregiver and patient. It brings together the expertise of former Google Chief Health Strategist and thought leader Roni Zeiger MD and a pioneer in patient safety advocacy Sorrel King, founder of the Josie King Foundation.

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